9 Best Washing Machine in India for July 2019


The busy routine of the modern family made Washing Machine a basic need in life. So lets have a look at the selected Best Washing Machine in India for 2019.

With the increasing demand, there are tons of products in markets and thousands of brands selling the same product that is Washing Machine in India.

How to choose the right one?

Best washing machine in India is highly dependable on the following point

•    The budget you have.

•    Latest Technology

•    The type of washing Machine (TOP/FRONT LOAD AND SEMI-AUTOMATIC)

•    The capacity of Washing Machine

•    Brand of Washing Machine

•    After purchase support and service

While buying any Washing Machine in the market, we have to make only one best choice that is the budget-friendly and best option for our needs so to help you to find your best deal continue reading this blog post.

We have reviewed 100’s of washing machine and shortlisted few of the Best Washing Machine in India

The best washing brand considers that will provide you with the latest technology product with the best price option available and the essential thing the after service of the product,

Best Washing Machine in India Review
Buying Guide

Editor's Choice

Top 3 Fully Automatic Front load Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine in India

Key Features

  • Bosch comes with Active Water Technology that has different load sensing levels where it adjusts the water level according to the laundry load and type of fabric. Due to this technology performance is increased of this washing machine and saves much water that usually
  • Anti Vibration Design that provides more stability and reduces noise.
  • VarioDrum’s technology takes care of excellent clothing material. These feature help in removing tough stains with no damage to the fabric
  • High-quality parts and Premium design
  • Drum Clean helps to remove toxic residue and lint from drum resulting in the hygienic wash and longer machine life
  • Monsoon Programme to ensure the best cleaning and remove foul odor in monsoon season
  • Reload function to add or remove clothes from the machine between the washing cycle
  • Child lock prevents any undesired change in wash setting due to child touch
  • Foam detection feature removes excess foam
  • VolaCheck features enable voltage Monitoring to ensure safety during voltage fluctuation
  • Special Sari washing option.
  • 2 Years Warranty on Product and 10 Years warranty on motor
  • LED Display
  • High washing capacity, i.e. 7 KG
  • Speed Perfect allows you to accelerate washing by up to 65% without compromising the quality of wash.
  • Maximum Rotational Speed    1200 RPM
  • Note- Do not use a trolley or washing machine stand. Keep the washing machine on a solid hard surface for best results.

Reason to  Buy

  • Customized for India Customers
  • Monsoon Programme
  • High RPM Speed
  •  Sari washing option

Reason To Avoid


Best Washing Machine

Key Features-

  • Low noise wash
  • Waterproof touch panel
  • Child Lock
  • Water Heating functionality which can remove the tough stain by heated water wash
  • Smart Thin Q app connectivity that Can customised wash cycle according to clothes through mobile phone with NFC and remotely diagnosed up to 68 errors
  • Steam wash sterilises cloth removes pollen, dust and allergen from fabrics in every wash
  • Stainless steel Anti Rust drum
  • Restart the washing cycle precisely from the same period where it was stopped/interrupted due to power has gone
  • The maximum spinning speed of 1000 RPM
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, ten years on motor
  • Capacity 6.5 kg
  • High quality and durable parts and body
  • Note – Hygiene wash take around 3 hours
  • It does not heat the water before washing, but its heat is during washing

Reason to Buy

  • Smart Thin Q app Support
  • Hygienic Wash mode
  • Best Customer Support
  • Multi Directional Wash feature
  • Less Power Consumption

Reason to Avoid

  • Less RPM speed than Bosh Model
  • It does not come with a rat mat
Note- Both the reasons can be ignored as this machine is equally good in performance as compared to Bosh 

Best Washing Machine Samsung

Key Features –

  • Durable and high-quality parts.
  • Diamond Drum technology allows extremely gentle cleaning and prevents clothes from being trapped in the washing machine
  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Maximum Spining Speed is 1000rpm
  • Samsung Voltage control Technology to protect in case of unpredictable power fluctuations and enhance device life
  • Silver wash technology kills bacteria and germs from dirty clothes.
  • Quick wash feature for lightly dirty clothes quickly washcloths and saves times.
  • Invert technology motors technology provide highly energy efficient and less noisy washing machine.
  • Warranty Details: 3 years on product; 10 years on eco bubble pump; 10 years on digital inverter motor
  • Led touch panel

Reason To Buy

  • Quick wash feature
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • Cheaper as Compared to above two
  • Good customer support
  • High quality LED panel


Reason To Avoid

  • Less RPM speed than Bosh Model (Can be Ignored while buying)
  • No technology to handle extreme hard water condition

Top 3 Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine in India

Key Features –

  • Smart Closing Door that slowly closes by taking its own time, so no Door banging again!
  • SmartThinQ app smart support that can help to diagnose up to 86 errors
  • Auto Restart from the same cycle where ever there are power interruptions
  • Punch technology creates water stream in the vertical direction so that laundry gets mixed and move up and down during the wash cycle
  • Turbo Drum makes dirt cloth clean with a strong stream of water and rotating drum and pulsator of the washing machine in the opposite direction
  • Durable parts With Anti Bacterial and anti germs property.
  • High-quality stainless steel that is 100% Rustproof
  • Hygienic wash that will clean the tub and keep away the unpleasant smell from cloths
  • Child Lock to protect unwanted change in setting with child interaction
  • Less power consumption due to inverted enable technology
  • Low noise operation due to the new design (Compared to conventional model)
  • Hydraulic operation lid
  • It has one of the essential safety features that is the rat guard lid (made of plastic) that will protect the rat from damaging the washing machine
  • 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty and 10 Years Warranty on Motor from LG
  • 740 RPM
  • Digital Display
  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg

Reasons To Buy

  • Hygienic Wash
  • Hydraulic Lid
  • Inverter Techonology enabled
  • SmartThinQ app support
  • Excellent Customer support

Reasons To Avoid

  • Little Expensive

Best Washing Machine in India

Key Features –

  • Automatic sense the load and water needed for the wash
  • It has restart feature in case of power loss that will activate wash the ongoing wash cycle when power supply resumes
  • It has a delayed wash option
  • Less noise compared to old conventional models
  • Fully Automatic
  • As all operation is automatic, it may take time to complete the wash cycle
  • Tempered glass window adds a flavor to washing machine design
  • Perfect lint collection feature and no clogging of drains of the machine. These filters indicate when needed to be cleaned
  • Diamond Drum helps to wash clothes effectively and gently without damaging

Reason To Buy

  • Delayed Wash Option
  • Tempered Glass
  • Cheaper than LG
  • Good Customer Support

Reason To Avoid

  • No hot washing option


Best Washing Machine

Key Features –

  • Hair top load washing machine is fully automatic and features a multi-segment display that will update you the process of the wash cycle.
  • Rust free machine that will give a longer operational life of the hair washing machine
  • Quick Wash feature is designed to wash the clothes quickly without much compromising the quality of the wash.
  • Quadra Flow pulsator technology will help in generating direction turbulence in the drum that is it will keep rotating the cloths in the wash cycle forcefully and will help to improve wash quality.
  • Two years warranty on the product and five years warranty on the motor
  • Fuzzy Logic control function automatically measures the load of the laundry clothes and calculates the washing time accordingly.
  •  RPM – 1000
  • Will not save energy
  • Washing performance
  • 6 Preprogrammed wash cycles for different clothes and fabric
  • No temperature or steam wash
  • It supports memory function that is it will remember the wash setting
  • Digital Display

Reasons To Buy

  • Fuzzy Logic Control 
  • Cheapest in the list
  • Quick Wash Feature
  • Quadra Flow Pulsator


Reasons To Avoid

  • Less washing modes 
  • Does not save electricity consumption
  • Poor customer support service
  • Samsung Machine can be purchased by just adding a few thousand Rs.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine


  • Three wash Program – According to different fabric type this LG washing machine has three washing program
  • Lint Collector collects all the lint fibres to improve the wash quality
  • Collar Scrubber – Having a taste of conventional washing machine this model has a collar scrubber to scrub and clean collar and cuffs
  • Roller Jet Pulsator – The adds friction to remove dust from the cloths and provide a better wash quality
  • Rat away Technology-This LG Washing Machine comes with 3mm durable plastic with rat repellent chemical. The rat will cause no undesired damage, and the performance of the machine will increase 
  • Wind Jet Dry system reduces moisture in the laundry clothes by spinning at high speed and circulation through the air vents in the machine
  • RPM – 1300
  • Capacity – 6.5 Kg

Reasons To Buy

  • High RPM
  • Rat away plastic
  • Roller Jet Pulsator
  • Wind Jet Dry Feature
  • Rust free body

Reasons To Avoid


Best Washing Machine

  • With the conventional touch, Samsung 7.2 Kg is loaded with the latest technology
  • It saves time as it has a different washer and drying tub
  • A separate dryer and washer save many lots of water in comparison to fully automatic washing machines.
  • Center Jet – This feature is to clean the cloths and remove the dirt with the help of water jet flow that allows up-down motion of clothes during the wash cycle.
  • Air Turbo technology is used for high-speed drying of cloths
  • Scrub board for scrubbing towels to remove tough, stubborn stains
  • Lint collector to collect lint
  • Anti-rust and durable plastic body
  • Capacity – 7.2 Kg

Reasons To Buy

  • High washing Capacity i.e 7.2 Kg
  • Scrub Board
  • Air Turbo Technology
  • Rust free body

Reasons To Avoid

  • Lack Build quality as compared to LG


Best Washing Machine

  • Cloth Scrubber- Scrubber pad to clean collar and extra dirt from cloths
  • Multi Utility detachable Tray
  • The machine remembers where it was stopped during power cuts and restart when power resume
  • Water Proof and Shock proof panel
  • Three wash programs for a different fabric.
  • Capacity – 7kg
  • Durable and rust free plastic body
  • 1450 RPM

Reasons To Buy

  • True Shock proof panel
  • High RPM
  • Built in Cloth Scrubber

Reasons To Avoid

  • Have two separate water inlet for washing and rinse tub


The best Washing Machine brands in India

Washing Machine Brand Popularity
LG 32%
Samsung 26%
Bosch, Haier, IFB 23%
Whirlpool 17%
Other 2%

Comparison Between different Washing Machine-

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine

Top Load Machine

Best Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine

Best Washing Machine


4 To 8 Kg

5 To 10 Kg

6 To 9 Kg

Wash Quality




Delicate Clothes  Care




Washing Cycle Time




Hot Wash   



Many have this Feature 

Easily Movable  



Not Easily Movable 

Washing Modes

3 To 5

10 To 15

80+ Modes

Water Consumption

10 To 20 Liters 

20 To 40 Liters

25 To 50 Liters

Noise Level



Very Low

Buyer's guide

While buying a Washing Machine,what features we should look at and does it satisfies our needs are?

Most brands have same features renamed and re-branded to sell their products in the market. So it is crucial to understand the terms before buying.

The best washing machine in India is not that is at the highest price but the model and brand that is best suitable according to our house and daily needs.

The important features we should look while buying a Washing Machine –

  • Steel Drum
  • Rust free body
  • Energy saving model
  • Cost of the product
  • Washing Modes
  • Water Consumption

We have done a detailed analysis and listed the buying guide below with the most common asked FAQ’s Section at last.

If you still have any question and doubt after reading, please comment below.

Hard Water Management -

Hard water is the most common problem across India. It is challenging to clean the clothes and keep their quality maintain in hard water. Hard water also reduces the life of the washing machine by the accumulation of water residue in drum and water outlets of device.

The solution to managing EXTREME Hard water problem is to use a tap water filter extension that will soften the water and help to improve the washing quality of the cloths.

IFB comes with Aqua Energie technology that reduces the hardness of water and helps to get the perfectly clean cloths. It is the most useful and game-changing technology for India Market

Inverter Technology

High-end Washing Machine usually comes with Inverter Technology that is revolutionary as it saves considerable electricity.

How does this technology work?

It makes the motor of the machine to run at speed perfect according to the load on the device.

The conventional old washing machine has a fixed speed for any load.

So to save little extra terms of electricity inverter technology can help you.

Inverter technology does not affect the quality of the wash.

Semi-Automatic Vs Fully Automatic

The word automatic itself define the term.

A fully automatic washing machine has a human needs an automated process of washing clothes from spinning to drying, only loading of clothes and removing of clothes.

Full automatic machine is expensive as compared to Semi-Automatic Machine. These Machines are a bit harder to operate as there are 100’s of washing modes and operation, whereas the semi-automatic machine has very fewer modes and simple operating system.

Fully Automatic Machine is best for the ones who have a hectic schedule and do not wish to do any extra work apart from adding dirty clothes and removing wash cloths form the machine.These machine needs more water supply as compared to Semi-Automatic Machine and are advised to keep on a fixed place with dedicated water tab and in high-end case-controlled water pressure.

The semi-automatic washing machine needs manual interaction to complete the washing process. There is a need to transfer the clothes from between washing tub and spinning tub.

The semi-automatic machine is for the one who loves to operate simple devices and can spare a little extra minute to shift clothes between the spin tub and wash tub.  These machines need less water to wash clothes.

Direct Drive Technology

In old conventional models, the washing tub is rotated with the help of gears and belts that has greater friction, more noise level with high energy consumption. The tub is rotated with the help of a belt that is connected to a motor that is placed a little away from the tub.

Direct Drive technology driving motor is directly attached to the washing tub. These technology has reduced the energy consumption as compared to the conventional motor as the friction is reduced. Their motor is attached to the tub, so it reduces the noise level and provides a peaceful wash. This advanced technology also provides multiple rotational options during the wash and enhance washing quality as compared to the old conventional machine.

As there is an improvement in energy consumption, the Noise level is reduced with additional wash feature; it comes with an extra price tag.


Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machines

Front load machine is considered more efficient and advanced as compared to Top Load Washing Machine. A front loading washing machine saves water as compared to the top load washing machine. Top load machine needs two times more water as compared to front load as the clothes need more water to get soak and drown for the cleaning action on the other side top load machine needs less water as the clothes get soak with the tumbling action.

Font Load machine washing cycle takes more time as compared to the top load washing machine. As there is an increase in the use of hot water for washing clothes in many countries, Front load has saved more energy during heating and washing process as compared to the top load washing machine as far as the concern of power saving and effective cleaning Front load machine had a plus point.

Top load machine is little cheaper as compared to Front load machine, so many budgets constrained people to go with top load fully automatic machine. Top load machine has a simple design and does not need a dedicated fixed place to keep, but it demands a hard surface during washing so that it does not vibrate whereas most of the front load washing machine demand a dedicated fixed spot for hassle-free functioning.

Installation of Front load machine takes more time and requires a proper person with technical knowledge.

As far as a concern in India Semi-Automatic machine does well in market and consumers also like to use the new model inspired by conventional washing machines.

However, the market has seen a shift from the past year and demand for fully automatic top load machine and front load machine are increasing.

Front load machine had many advantages over Top load washing machine as these are equipped with new and most technology needed for proper cleaning. However, these all features add an extra 10000 to 15000 Rs as compared to the top load washing machine. So it is recommended for a person having a budget of around 30000 Rs

Top load washing machine are also equipped with new washing modes and feature and are available at a cheaper rate, so it is recommended for a person having a budget around 15000 Rs


For a budget of fewer than 15000 Rs semi-automatic washing machine are recommended.

Capacity (Load) of Washing machine

Washing Machine load is the approx weight of cloths that can be washed in one cycle.

In India Machine comes with a variable washing capacity of 5Kg to 10 Kg. For a small family of four or fewer members, a 6Kg machine can do the work efficiently. For a family of more than five members, it is advisable to go with a slightly higher washing capacity so that there is no inconvenience later.

Where to keep the Washing Machine

The washing machine should be placed at the hard and levelled surface so that the device does not vibrate during the washing cycle; this may cause extra unwanted sound during washing clothes. It is not advisable to use washing machine stands.

What is RPM and what does it signify

RPM stands for rotation per minute, and it signifies the no. of rotation of washing tub during the wash cycle. The more RPM means more no, of rotation and thus it can make clothes even drier out of the machine. Moreover, it is not considered as a significant feature while buying a machine.

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Best Washing Machine in India


Yes we can buy Washing Machine online. 

Suggested online shopping websites are -Amazon and Flipkart

No, we should not use Washing Machine stands as they increase vibration and can damage the machine in long run.

Lg and Samsung has excellent customer service in India.

IFB machine do have some unique features and excellent build quality but have no customer support after sales, and that could cause inconvenience, so it is recommended if you don’t care about after sales customer support in case of any issues.

With all aspects consider there is a tie between the following – Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front )Loading Washing Machine (WAK24168IN, Silver)  ​and LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1065SNL.ALSPEIL, Luxury Silver) and these can be consider as a reliable and best washing machine in India for the year 2019.

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Note – The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product




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