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Practical Accounts Training A

Publisher : Moses Carson Bakaluba

Course Language : English

This course is structured on the robust Practice Procedures used in Accounting Firms.

It empowers the newly qualified with skills, and a competitive advantage when job hunting.

It provides a good understanding of how softwares work.

Its just the Recording of 80 Document Types & 15 Period Reports are Automated.

It cuts the training time into a fraction. We all need to save time.

Its Not only Mobile & Computerised Accounting, but Practical & Technical Knowledge isAcquired

The course comprises of:

  1. A Practical Accounts Training SW on Google Play & App Store, Bought Separately
  2. Recorded Videos
  3. On Screen Guides
  4. Live Online Lectures
  5. Practice Documents
  6. A 34 Periodic Tasks Checklist
  7. A Year End Reports Checklist
  8. 90 Periodic and Year End Reports

The Lectures and Recorded Videos cover the following:

  1. Objectives and App Overview
  2. Tax Return and COA
  3. Recording Basics
  4. Start Features and Settings
  5. Miscellaneous Facilities
  6. Receipts & Refund Recording
  7. Purchases & Refund Recording
  8. Fixed Assets Recording
  9. Payments Recording
  10. Loans & Credit Card Recording
  11. Creditors Facilities
  12. Debtors Facilities
  13. Opening & Pre-Vat Recording
  14. Post Vat & Reconciliation
  15. Period Reports including a Vat Return

On Completion, Trainees are able to:

  1. Identify and Interpret 80 types of Personal Finance for the Employed: Budget, Save and Spendbusiness documents
  2. Record 80 types of Transactions
  3. Identify and Interpret 15 Periodic Reports
  4. Verify & Reconcile 15 Periodic Reports
  5. Present and Explain 15 Periodic Reports
  6. Develop a deeper Appreciation and Understanding of Accounting 

Financial Ratios Simplified : A practical guide

Publisher : EduFinWizards Edu

Course Language : English

In the course we will cover ,

1. Activity Ratio

2. Profitability ratios

3. Dividend ratios

4. Valuations

5. Solvency ratios

6. Coverage ratios

7. Return ratios

8. Margin ratios

9. Liquidity ratios 

We will then discuss time series and cross sectional ratio analysis

We will then take examples of Google . Tesla and Alibaba to understand ratio analysis

We will also do cross sectional analysis of weed stocks

Assignment: Use the attached excel sheet to do a ratio analysis of a company of your choice

Personal Finance for the Employed: Budget, Save and Spend

Publisher : Tish Henderson

Course Language : English

Does the thought of budgeting give you the heebee jeebies?  Scared unexpected emergencies might creep up and empty your bank account?  Have a dream to start a business or invest and can’t seem to save the starter money?  Not sure where to start?  …or how to stick to a budget? 

In this course, you will learn how to save a lot of money fast without sacrificing too much of things you like to do.  In fact, we don’t even call that budgeting.  We teach you how to save and spend.

After completing this course, you will HAVE a functional saving and spending plan that you can begin using immediately.  This course is more like a workshop, so that when you finish you have a completed plan to start stashing away money in your bank account immediately.  Money that you won’t need to touch unless it’s for one of your goals.

Too many courses make budgeting scary.  In this course, the PEG Save and Spend Plan makes budgeting simple, doable and something you can start after the very first section because we introduce you to and breakdown the whole process early and then in future lessons, we take you through the simple 3 step by step process for saving and spending.

We hope that you start using this simple system and let us know how you are doing.

Pre-Requisites and Materials Needed

*There is no specific software needed to take this course. 
*Students can use a pencil and paper to follow along and create their save and spend worksheets as well as take notes. (A completed Excel spreadsheet is included and can be downloaded, but is optional).
*Knowledge of Excel is not needed but can help students use spreadsheets more effectively.
*Basic calculator.
*Mindset: Self-motivated.
*Goals: Students should have financial goals they want to achieve in the near future.

Personal Finance – know sources of extra income & investment

Publisher : AKUMENN IQ

Course Language : English

This course is designed for anyone looking to gain an excellent, practical knowledge of personal finance, covering most of the things from budget to passive income. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry 🙂 This course is designed with complete beginners in mind. No previous personal finance knowledge is required to start this course

As for how this course is structured, we have made this course as simple as possible to understand and the course explains personal finance with help of  clip arts. This course is divided into several small videos which all cover necessary steps of personal finance

As for our background, we are from Akumenn IQ, in the courses provided by Akumenn IQ you will have access to the information that is not provided in schools and universities. We believe in making our courses as simple as possible but with all the necessary information included in it . We believe knowledge is everywhere and every kind of knowledge holds some importance, so we should never stop learning

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